Are Google and Amazon spying on us with Alex and Google Home?

Both Google Home and Alexa use Text to Speech (TTS) or Text to Audio as some call it. Text to Speech interactions are amazing technologies. It improves the lives of people for example with language barriers, vision problems, physical problems, limited time to absorb content or just making everyday tasks easier to complete with just … Continue reading Are Google and Amazon spying on us with Alex and Google Home?

Top 9 Tech Blogs

“77% of internet users read blogs.” Make better use of your time by focusing on the top 9 tech blogs. Why do they? Because the content is constantly refreshed with up-to-date news and reading content. Tech Blogs are a major verticle in the blogging world. In this article, we cover top tech blogs on the … Continue reading Top 9 Tech Blogs

Top 10 Podcast Apps

Podcasts are wildly popular channel to listen to the news, educational content, political views, comedy, stories and more. But with so many Podcast Apps, how do you decide which one is the one for you. This guide covers the most popular podcast apps and provides enough information so that you can make an informed decision. … Continue reading Top 10 Podcast Apps

Top 10 Audiobook Apps

Audiobook apps for Android and iOS devices enable you to listen to great books. There are free and paid audiobooks apps. When you don’t have time to read, audiobooks are great. In a matter of a few days while commuting to work, you can finish a great book. The Audibooks category is slowing expanding. Today … Continue reading Top 10 Audiobook Apps