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What is Artificiall Intelligence?

What is Artifical Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the capability for computers to learn from the data provided to it to make human-like choices and actions.

You may have seen AI-powered robots and futuristic computers in sci-fi movies, yes they are AI, but currently, we are nowhere close to what Hollywood depicts. Today's equivalents are Siri, Alexa, etc.

The development of AI started back in 1950 by the US government which focused on simple problem-solving. As computing power and data availability has grown, AI technology has taken a significant leap. 

5 Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Real World:
1) Text to Speech (TTS): converting written text and converting it into human-like speech. An example of this is our app AudiBrow which uses AI TTS to convert blog written content into an audible format.

2) Robots: these robots won't look like Data from Startrek, but many people already have robots at home. If you own a robotic vacuum like Neato or Shark, that's robotics and AI in action.

3) ChatBots: many of today's top websites now feature chat tools where the site visitor can talk to a representative of that site. However, what they may not know is that bots are taking the place of humans. Bot AI is collecting data from all the chats it conducts to create a better response to the site visitor's questions.

4) Personal Assistants: if you own an Apple phone or Android phone, most likely you are interacting with Siri or Google Assitant. These AI services learn from billions of phone user interactions and are producing better and better responses to your questions.

5) Maps: Use Google Maps recently? Have you noticed how it can predict estimated traffic times, suggest better routes, or remind you when to leave. This is AI in action.

The future of AI
In the 2000's one of the significant leaps has been in the data storage and Big data analysis. These have lead to trillions of data points for various AI engines to learn from and start making decisions.

AI will at some point start automating a major portion of our life. Take for example your robot vacuum at home. Today you have to turn it on or schedule a time to run. In a few more years, it will understand when folks aren't home, what the power supply cost is, is there a pet moving around leaving hair behind, etc and then decide on its own what the best time to operate would be. Thus, when you come home at 6 pm, you walk into a home with clean floors.

Let's talk about Alexa or Siri. Not too much in the future from now, these solutions will learn what you do on a daily basis and based on it, suggest ordering takeout from your favorite place because due to traffic you won't be home in time to cook. 

The future of AI is to make our lives easier by having technology manage a large portion of it. Many would say this is scary and would make us lazy humans. I tend to think otherwise. Perhaps by having certain things managed by AI, it would give us back time to focus on other things that matter more to us. My 2 cents.

Lloyd Jacob

Img credit: Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

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