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Better than a podcast, because the content is live!

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Tech, Business, Polictics & Sports sites.


Watch how AudiBrow works

Fun to Use + Keeps You Informed

Scroll or Listen to content

Read or Listen to Content

You can read the content yourself or with 1 click, AudiBrow will read it to you.

Artifical Intelligence

News AI

Personalized news AI helps readers/listeners optimize their time. (Coming Q4 2019)

Life like News Anchors

Life-like News Anchors

Our news anchor voice sound natural.  You can listen to the app for hours and enjoy it.

AudiBrow FAQ

Some of the best news on the web is found on blogs like Cnet, TechCrunch, MSN and more.

But reading those sites is time consuming. Some times you don't have the time. What if you could just listen to them, just like radio or podcast?

That's AudiBrow. Listen to your latest content from your favorite web content sites on-demand.

Think about how many times you didn't visit your favorite blog because you didn't have time.

By enabling you to read or listen to content via AudiBrow, blog/news sites have the opportunity to retain users, increase brand loyalty, lift DAUs & engagement, and finally delight users with their content.

We currently cover 20 different blogs with topics ranging from Tech News, Sports, Business and Politics.

We are going to expand this as our users demand them.

Love a certain blog, want it on AudiBrow, email us :)

Yes, AudiBrow is free. It is ad supported. The premium version removes ads and provides additional capabilities.

We would love to have humans read the news, but that is expensive and would delay the content. We use various text-to-voice services that have been heavily modified by us to ensure the news achors sound life-like. 

We built AudiBrow for 2 sets of people:
a) people who are on the go, love podcasts and enjoy listening over reading
b) for those with low to no visions. We want to help them enjoy the content just like those who can see.