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In 2020, we plan to have 250+ content sources for our users.

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AI Powered Text to Speech (TTS)

Artifical Intelligence (AI) converts text into human-like speech and delivers high-fidelity audio. Our goal is to create lifelike interactions with our users.

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You can read the content yourself or with 1 click, AudiBrow will read it to you.

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Our news anchor voice sound natural.  You can listen to the app for hours and enjoy it.

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Text to Voice FAQ

Some of the best news on the web is found on blogs like Cnet, TechCrunch, MSN and more.

But reading those sites is time consuming. Some times you don't have the time. What if you could just listen to them, just like radio or podcast?

That's AudiBrow. When you can't read, listen to your latest content from your favorite web content sites on-demand.

Think about how many times you didn't visit your favorite blog because you didn't have time.

By enabling you to read or listen to content via AudiBrow, blog/news sites have the opportunity to retain users, increase brand loyalty, lift DAUs & engagement, and finally delight users with their content.

AudiBrow app currently cover 15 different blogs with topics ranging from Tech News, Sports, Business and Politics.

We are going to expand this as our users demand them. Today the include: TechCrunch, Cnet, Verge, CBS, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated, Economost, BBCI and more.

View the full list of news sources you can listen to here.

Yes, AudiBrow is free. It is ad supported. The premium version removes ads and provides additional capabilities.

These are our recommendations for top news apps available to download for your iphone or android devices.

1. AudiBrow- lets you listen to news from top news sites like Fox News, CBS News, TechCrunch, Cnet, Reuters, Sports Illustrated and more.

2. Apple News- read news from your iphone or mac computer.

3. SmartNews- read news from many new channels via your phone.

4. Yahoo News- one of the most respected online news site.

5. Flipboard- one of the oldest news app

Text to speech, which abbreviated as TTS, is the coversion of text content into audible audio content.  

This was originally developed for the visually impaired, but today is widely used in various industries.

Today, TTS is primarily  done using Artifical Technoloyg (AI) tools.  Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon amongst others lead in this space. Apps like AudiBrow which make written web content on blogs and websites audible rely on TTS conversion from these companies.

For deeper understanding of this topic, read our blog post.'s app is the best way to read or listen to top news stories. The app checks for the latest content from across 15 sites and makes it easy to read or listen to them.  

Here are a list of free text to voice softwares. Choose the right one depending on your need.
1. AudiBrow - listen to written text web news and content
2. Amazon Polly - convert text to voice. Used by large companies primarily to convert content via API.  
3. Voicery - custom text to voice audio sounds. Used by enterprise companies.
4. Google - similiar to Amazon it is used by companies to convert large volumes of content via API.
5. NaturalReaders - simple online text to voice. 

Here are tools and services you can use to listen to a website's text content.
1. AudiBrow- mobile app that lets you listen to popular web based news sites, education content and more
2. Read Aloud Chrome plugin- select a page from your desktop browser, and this plugin  will read the content to you.
3. Talkify- listen to a website. Copy and paste the url to listen
4. Pocket- app that lets you save urls and then listen to read content later

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